Sivartour is a free service that shares the rich heritage of the Historic Center of San Salvador. The service provides access to monuments, churches, squares and parks. It generates new connections between people and sites, and fosters interest in the country’s historical memory. We focus on different themes: architectural themes, illustrious characters, historical events, everyday life, specific tours for students at different academic levels and for children and families.

The cultural tours in the Historic Center of San Salvador are announced on the social networks of the Secretariat of Culture of San Salvador: each publication informs about the different circuits, schedules and themes of the Sivartours.

The established hours are Friday through Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Visitors to the Historic Center can approach the guides to take the different tours and special requests for private tours can be made with prior reservation at the contact number of the Secretariat of Culture of San Salvador: 2511-6320.

The tours have a maximum duration of one hour and thirty minutes and a minimum of thirty minutes, in groups of 15 people with an assigned guide and accompanied by the Municipal Agents Corps (CAM).

Additional information:

The tour starts at Plaza Barrios, where the public can identify the cultural guides, with their respective credentials. Before each tour, respecting biosafety protocols, the permitted temperature of each member of the group is verified, as well as their respective sanitization with alcohol gel.

Each guide will have the ability to reserve the right of admission, depending on the symptomatic manifestations that any of the people present may present; and it is their responsibility to provide indications on the use of masks, physical contact to avoid and other restrictions (such as not touching any surface with their hands or leaning against any wall, wall or any other space).

The tour begins with a guide leading the group and another guide leading the group and taking care of any questions or concerns of the people present.

The tours include a 15 to 20 minute intervention in each space, depending on the profile of the people, whether they are young people, older adults or children; and 5 minutes for questions and taking photographs.

There are also educational tours designed for children and adolescents, with the same biosafety protocol.

About the educational tours:

They start at Plaza Gerardo Barrios. For these tours, a guide and a sketch artist are assigned to the tour. The guide gives a didactic explanation of the place and after that the master sketcher explains the simplest way to draw the place highlighted by the guide. These can be: the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, the National Library, the National Theater and the El Rosario Church.

Contact information:

2511 6320

After the tour given by the guide and the sketch artist, the children return to a table where they will draw the places they remember best and that have caught their attention with the help of the master painter. This tour can also be aided by a theater, which also tells stories of the Historic Center through puppets operated by the cultural guides.

Places of major historical relevance visited during the Sivartour tours: Churches, Squares, Historical Buildings and Museums.

You can also request customized tours.