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How to get to the Centro Histórico?

«Reloj de Flores» to «Centro Histórico» 1

From the east of El Salvador, El Reloj de Flores, built in 1971 to provide a first impression of the city, begins the tour through colonial streets. It leads to Plaza Gerardo Barrios.

«Hermano Bienvenido a Casa» to «Centro Histórico» 2

The tribute to the Hermano Lejano ``Hermano Bienvenido a Casa`` is the entrance to the city of San Salvador. He greets us when we come from the Comalapa airport. The tour allows us to walk through the shopping centers and important streets, until we move away from modernity and enter the Centro Histórico of San Salvador.

«Universidad de El Salvador» to «Centro Histórico» 3

If you come from the north of the country and start the tour from the Universidad de El Salvador (UES), you will pass through hospitals, shopping centers, educational institutions, busy streets; and you will see passers-by who cross San Salvador daily. Find out how they connect Gabriela Mistral Street, Alameda Juan Pablo II and Avenida España.

«Redondel Masferrer» to «Centro Histórico» 4

The classic Redondel Masferrer brings together the busiest streets and avenues of San Salvador. Businesses and important offices populate a single street, Paseo General Escalón, which takes you to the Centro Histórico of San Salvador.